Closet Crash Service from LASS Stylist

Stylist Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin helps women create smashing ensembles through “closet crashing.”
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Closet Crash Service

You are purchasing a Closet Crash Service by Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin.

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I'll meet with you over coffee and work with you to create a Pinterest board or inspiration board that exemplifies you ideal style. By doing so, you're really participating in the process and creating your authentic look. I’m not here to change you.  We’re crafting the wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.”

Then, we'll pull everything out of your closets and get rid of things that are ripped or stained, and, after a heartfelt chat, items that look dated or no longer fit.

We'll go through this whole process as we discuss each piece.  I do hear a lot of stories about things. Even though those stories are sometimes emotional, sometimes you have to let go of things, or at least put them away in storage. You can’t have a bridesmaid dress in your closet, Schraffa Santin says. It’s in the way.

Once the closet is cleared of things that can be discarded, sold, given to charity, and stored elsewhere (hello, bridesmaid dresses), we'll begin the process of wardrobe building, starting with items that are already in your closet. Even those who have closets full of clothing, though, are usually missing some core pieces that make up the base of a solid wardrobe, and when that’s the case, Schraffa Santin suggests strategic shopping to fill in those gaps.

I want my clients to “think like French women” by having six to eight core pieces in their base wardrobe. You can add personality by layering with accessories that round out a look. For instance I work with the India Hicks brand, which offers high-quality accessories, bags, and statement necklaces.

My passion is as much about making my clients feel good about themselves as it is about style.

I listen and try to create a solution that fits the woman, I’m about getting a woman to be her authentic self.

The above was based on this month's (December 2016) North Shore Magazines coverage of my services in the Holiday Gift Guide issue by Alexandra Pecci.

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