About Us

What's in a name

So what does Rheebo mean?   It's not so much what it means but what it represents. Rheebo was the nickname of our founders dog Reo, a German Short Haired Pointer that was a true friend, loyal and was always happy to to see you. 

We like those qualities so we decided to celebrate Rheebo in our corporate name! As a company, Rheebo embodies those qualities... a true partner that inspires loyalty and helps communities focus on local things that matter and of course, we're always happy to see you too!

How it all started

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to go to one place to find out what's really happening in the community.  Not just events, but everything from sports activities, school news, local politics to things that engage. Well, we thought it would be really cool too but wanted to create something different than anything else out there.

So here's Rheebo, a social space where everyone in the community can interact and collaborate together, including your local small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. You see, when people, businesses and non-profits are informed and engaged in their community, amazing things happen! 

Imagine... a place where local things matter!  Welcome to Rheebo.